Fun Lakers Board 2018-19





President  Don Morgan 616-644-9059
Vice President Frank Mills 214-893-1062
   Vice Chair,  
Mexican Train Monday Nights
Rose Mills (Matteson) 623-261-2395
   Vice Chair (in Charge)  
Sun Lakes Dance Party
Jan Hendry- Goodpasture 480-802-6787
   Vice Chair  
Sun Lakes Dance Party
Mark & Diane O’Neill 480-319-7672
   Vice Chair   
Euchre Group Parties 
Gloria (Joe) Tucker 707-365-9053,
Secretary Colleen Ferris 480-329-1351
Treasurer Jackie Morgan  616-490-5448
Activities Chair  Jim Barry 480-648-7721,
   Vice Chair, Event Decorations Joan Bachand  480-275-0930
   Vice Chair Felix & Donna Petrillo  480-273-5691
Publicity Chair Carole Sinicki 480-205-2819
Membership Chair Felix & Donna Petrillo  480-273-5691
Hospitality Chair Madonna Commo 802-793-6575
    Vice Chair Maxine Palmer 480-802-3639
    Vice Chair Joyce Plachecki (no email-only phone) 602-500-9997
    Vice Chair Joanie Leckey 602-510-5801
    Vice Chair Adela Kelly 617-872-7121
    Vice Chair Nancy Wray 651-283-1421
Ambassador to Cottonwood Frank Mills 214-893-1062
Ambassador to Oakwood/Ironwood Mark O’Neill 480-319-7672
Ambassador to Palo Verde Dianne Barry 480-648-7721,
Ambassador to Sunbird Harry Huckemeyer 480-600-1349 C
Ambassador to -Sun Lakes CC (Phase 1) Robert Stagger 614-266-7411

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